5 Reasons You Need An Austin Bike Accident Lawyer

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5 Reasons to Hire an Austin Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Were you in a biking or cycling accident and unsure if you should hire a Lawyer? Before making your decision, let’s go over five reasons to hire an Austin bike accident lawyer. After understanding the importance, it will be easier to make a decision.

1. Lawyers Know Cycling Laws

Most people have a general idea of Austin’s cycling laws. However, an Austin bike accident lawyer knows the law inside and out. Your attorney can quickly determine which laws were broken. This is a vital component of collecting damages for your claim.  Steven C. Lee has represented many biking and cycling cases and knows the laws exactly.

2. Insurance Companies Try to Settle for Less Than the Case Is Worth

Insurance companies hope that cyclists don’t retain attorneys. Insurers want to save money, so they are more than happy to negotiate settlements with the cyclists. They often provide low-ball offers, and because cyclists don’t know how to value the claim, they’re apt to take it. On the other hand, insurance companies know that Austin bicycle accident lawyers know how much a claim is worth, so they can’t get away with low-ball offers. Thus, you increase the chance of getting the full value of your claim when you hire an attorney such as Steven C. Lee & Associates.

3. Lawyers Can Expedite the Claim

If you try to settle with the insurance company yourself, you can expect lots of back and forth. The insurance company might even try to put the settlement off, hoping that you’ll go away. You need the money quickly to pay for medical treatment and property damage, so this can be frustrating. Fortunately, an Austin bike accident attorney can expedite the process. Lawyers who specialize in bike accidents know how to quickly investigate the claim and power through negotiations. When you use an attorney, you’re likely to get the money faster than you would if you try to handle it yourself.

4. Lawyers Have Access to Experts

If you negotiate yourself, it’ll likely come down to your word against the driver’s word. However, an attorney can use experts to back up the claim. For instance, if you have long-term injuries due to the accident, your Austin bicycle accident lawyer can get medical professionals to serve as witnesses. An experienced attorney like Steven C. Lee can explain the long-term prognosis, which can help you get more money during the settlement.

5. Lawyers Prepare for Trial

Austin bicycle accident lawyer, Steven C. Lee is a strong negotiator. However, sometimes, insurance companies aren’t willing to budge. Steven C. Lee will prepare for trial throughout the negotiation process. Then, if necessary, he will sue the insurance company and take the case to court. Then, he will give evidence in front of the jury to help you win the claim.

Consult With an Austin Bike Accident Lawyer Today

These benefits make it clear that you should hire an Austin bike accident lawyer. However, you might be worried about paying legal fees. You can find a lawyer that works on a contingency basis, meaning you won’t pay anything until you win your case. Thus, you can enjoy all of these benefits without having to pay upfront for legal fees. Schedule a consultation with Steven C. Lee & Associates to find out more about your legal options.