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Austin car accidents can result in devastating changes to your life and the lives of your loved ones. Unfortunately, insurance companies often add to the damage by short-changing you on their settlement offers. Instead of playing their game, we invite you to come sit down with our car accident lawyers, free of charge, to discuss how we can help maximize your recovery and compensation. After all, we’ve been down this road a thousand times before.


After the trauma of a car accident, your comfort becomes step number one on the road to recovery. When you come to visit us, we’ll take the time to learn about you and what you’ve gone through. This will help us determine how much your case may be worth, and it will help you decide if you feel comfortable with our lawyers and our firm.


When you hire Steven C. Lee & Associates, our highly trained experts and car accident lawyers immediately begin working on your case. We must act quickly to secure evidence that will support your claim and establish the responsibility of the guilty party. Better yet, you won’t even have to pay us a dime until after we’ve won your case.


Personal injury claims resulting from car accidents can be very stressful. We aim to carry that burden for you, so that you can continue down your path to recovery. Our team will field the calls from the insurance companies, your medical providers, and the courts. This way, you can focus on your rest and rehabilitation.


Having our award winning car accident lawyers on your side means you will have all the resources you need for a quick recovery and a just resolution of your case. Whether we settle or take your case to trial, we’ll make sure that you get the justice and compensation that you deserve.



There is no car accident too complex or injury too traumatic for our office to handle.


18 Wheelers Cause Serious Injuries

Trucking companies and their insurance providers typically have damage control personnel who are trained to respond to accidents. In many cases an insurance adjuster will ask that you give a recorded statement about the accident and your injuries. In too many cases, truck accident victims unintentionally hurt their claims by making assumptions or incorrect statements about how the accident occurred, or even by downplaying their injuries.


Collisions With Motorcycles

Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries to the riders, and representing these claims requires extensive knowledge of the unique concerns that motorcycle riders face on a daily basis. Blind spots, vehicle speeds, and road rage can all affect motorcyclists more than they affect the average driver. Whether you were the rider, or the driver in a bike-on-car collision, our qualified attorneys are here to help lead you down the road to recovery.


Injured While Riding A Bike?

Much like motorcycle riders, bicyclists are largely unprotected from the roadways and from passenger and commercial vehicles. While not all accidents involving bicycles are the fault of a motorist, a large percentage are, and those types of accidents often result in significant injuries, as well as financial and emotional damages. In residential areas, motorists account for about half of all bicycle accidents involving children under the age of 16.


Drunk Driving Kills

The severe, debilitating, and permanent injuries that arise from alcohol related auto and truck accidents result in significant losses to the individuals involved and their families. Determining the appropriate value of a personal injury claim from an auto accident involving a drunk driver is complicated. Our car accident lawyers will deal with the insurance companies or litigators on your behalf if they are unwilling to settle your claim for a fair value.


Poor Quality Control Can Injure People

Automobile defect cases are brought under the rules and principles of product liability law. In these and other car accident cases, looking to less obvious accident causes such as a malfunctioning seat belt or child safety seat, air bag, fuel tank, or other auto component requires car accident lawyers with the knowledge to understand these causes and a law firm with the resources to fight wealthy corporate defendants and teams of aggressive defense attorneys.


Don't Foot The Bill For Them

Uninsured and underinsured motorist accident cases often involve complex issues regarding coverage and obtaining the most compensation possible from all available policies. Only car accident lawyers who have successfully handled numerous uninsured and underinsured claims can get you the compensation you may otherwise not recover if represented by an inexperienced lawyer.

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Distracted Driving in Austin, TX

What Is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving is any activity that diverts attention from driving, including talking or texting on your phone, eating and drinking, talking to people in your vehicle, fiddling with the stereo, entertainment or navigation system — anything that takes your attention away from the task of safe driving.

Distracted driving is dangerous driving as it claimed 2,841 lives in 2018 alone. Among those killed: 1,730 drivers, 605 passengers, 400 pedestrians and 77 bicyclists.

There are three main types of distracted driving:

  1. Visual distraction (e.g. looking away from the road, texting)
  2. Auditory distraction (e.g., music too loud)
  3. Biomechanical distraction (e.g., dashboard, stereo, sun visors)
  4. Cognitive distraction (e.g., day dreaming, zoning out)
 Why is Distracted Driving Important to Your Case?

In Austin, a driver of a motor vehicle may not use a phone, tablet, or other device to view, send, or compose an electronic message while moving, per existing City of Austin Ordinance No. 20091022-028 and Ordinance No. 20091217-090. This law is commonly known as the texting-while-driving ban.

In the case of an accident, a distracted driver may be held accountable. Even when the distracted driver was not technically breaking a traffic law, they may still be held liable in an accident.

It can be complicated to prove that distraction was the cause or part of the cause for an accident.  The experts at Steven C. Lee will investigate your case and all the evidence to determine if distracted driving can be used in your claim.  

To learn more about how Distracted Driving can effect your lawsuit, please read our article on Distracted Driving.


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If your car accident involved a commercial truck or delivery vehicle, please see our Austin Truck Accident Lawyer page as your case may have special circumstances that require our expertise.