Austin Bike Accidents – Common Injuries

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Austin, TX, is a popular city for bicycle enthusiasts. It’s not unusual for residents to ditch their cars and ride bikes to nearby destinations. Unfortunately, sharing the roads with cars is dangerous, and accidents are becoming an increasingly common occurrence. Because you aren’t protected on a bike, you can end up with significant injuries if you’re in an accident. Let’s go over some of the most common injuries that cyclists suffer.

Head Injuries

The impact of a bicycle accident can cause serious brain injuries, including concussions, brain contusions, skull fractures, and intracranial hemorrhages. In fact, one-third of cyclists involved in non-fatal crashes experience some type of head injury. Head injuries are often long-lasting, with people needing ongoing treatment. Also, many victims cannot go back to work or can’t work in the same capacity.

An Austin bicycle accident lawyer such as Steven C. Lee & Associates can help you recover damages to pay for medical treatment and replace lost or diminished wages. Then, you can put your time and energy into recovering instead of worrying about paying your bills. 

Spine and Back Injuries

When a car hits a bicycle, the cyclist is often thrown from the bike to the ground. The trauma from the fall can cause serious spine and back injuries that can even include paralysis. As with head injuries, spine and back trauma can require a lifetime of medical care, and working can be challenging. Austin bike accident lawyer Steven C. Lee will work with your medical team to determine your long-term prognosis. Then, your attorney can fight to get enough damages to cover your present and future needs. 

Face Injuries

Your face is vulnerable during a bicycle accident. For instance, your uncovered face could scrape the pavement, causing road rash, bruises, and other issues. Plus, facial and eye fractures are common injuries after these accidents. These fractures are painful, require advanced medical care, and could cause permanent disfiguration. Therefore, when your bicycle accident lawyer values your claim, he or she will consider factors like disfiguration and pain.


Sadly, fatalities from bicycle accidents are on the rise. In 2010, 793 bicyclists died due to their injuries, according to the National Safety Council. By 2019, the number of fatalities increased to 1,089. You could file a wrongful death lawsuit if your loved one has passed away due to a bicycle accident. You might be eligible to collect damages that include lost earning capacity, lost inheritance, mental pain and anguish, and more.

Other Common Injuries

If you’re in a bicycle accident, you could also suffer injuries to your chest, abdomen, arms, legs, and feet. Your body is so vulnerable that nothing is fully protected, so your entire body is at risk.

Consult with Austin Bicycle Accident Lawyer Steven C. Lee

You likely have a long road to recovery after your bike accident. That’s hard enough without worrying about money, but medical bills and lost wages add to the stress. By hiring an Austin bicycle accident lawyer, you can focus on recovery while your attorney seeks damages on your behalf. Schedule a consultation with Steven C. Lee & Associates to go over your case and then move forward with your claim.