Austin Delivery Accidents With Amazon & UPS

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You likely pass several delivery drivers when you’re driving in Austin. From Amazon to UPS, delivery drivers make up a large portion of the traffic. Because of that, they are also responsible for many of the accidents. If a delivery driver has hit you, you likely have a lot of questions. Let’s take a closer look at these accidents, so you’ll know what to expect.

Investigating an Austin Delivery Accident

Commercial vehicles often have onboard tracking systems. These systems track the driver’s location, speed, and actions, making it easy to investigate cases. An Austin delivery vehicle accident attorney can examine the electronic evidence to help you build your case. If you want to use the data, you do need to act quickly. The company might delete or record over it. You can prevent losing access to the data with fast action.

Who Is Liable?

Companies often try to shield themselves from liability by hiring independent contractors. These contractors use their own vehicles, and many have to purchase insurance policies. However, the company might still be liable for the accident. For instance, assume that an Amazon delivery driver hits you. The person is an independent contractor, but after some digging, you realize he has a poor driving record or a history of abusing drugs and alcohol. You could argue that Amazon put you at risk by hiring an unsafe driver. Then, you could sue Amazon to recover damages.

If you are unsure of who to hold liable, an Austin delivery vehicle accident lawyer can help. Your attorney can review all of the evidence and create a legal strategy. 

Types of Damages You Can Collect

If you’re in an accident, you might suffer economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include medical bills, lost wages, and more. Your attorney will consider economic losses you’ve already sustained, as well as potential future losses when building your case.

Non-economic losses are often referred to as pain and suffering. Unlike economic damages that you can prove with bills, you need to build a case for non-economic losses. Attorneys often use expert witnesses to prove pain and suffering after an Austin delivery vehicle accident.

Statute of Limitations for a Delivery Vehicle Accident

You only have two years to file a claim after a delivery vehicle accident. If you wait longer than that, the defendant can file paperwork to dismiss the claim. It’s a good idea to seek legal counsel right after the accident since the evidence is still fresh. This will also give your attorney ample time to collect and analyze evidence before filing the case.

Contact an Austin Delivery Vehicle Accident Attorney Today

Delivery vehicle accidents can shake up your life. You’re likely worried about your medical issues and unsure how you’ll handle the financial losses. Fortunately, you can take action to make yourself whole again. Begin by contacting an Austin delivery vehicle accident lawyer, such as Steven C. Lee & Associates. After reviewing the evidence, your attorney can explain the best path forward. You can then focus on recovering from the accident while your attorney works to recover damages for you.