Austin Hit And Run Accidents – What To Do

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Protect Yourself Against Austin Hit-and-Runs

All car accidents are frustrating and frightening, but hit-and-run accidents add another layer of emotion. You can’t believe that someone would hit you and leave the scene of the crime, and you aren’t sure what to do. There are steps you can take after a hit-and-run accident to help you collect damages.

Remain at the Scene

Texas law states that both the accident victim and perpetrator must stay at the crime scene unless medical attention is needed. You can have an ambulance transport you to a hospital if you have an injury that requires immediate medical attention. Otherwise, stay at the scene and talk to the responding officers. The officers will take down a report that you can use to prove your case. Get a copy of the report for your records.  

Gather Evidence

The driver might have fled, but he or she likely left evidence behind. If you saw the car, write down as much information about it as possible. Also, see if there are any witnesses at the scene. Get their names, contact information, and statements. Your car accident attorney will need this information when pursuing your claim.

File a Claim With Your Insurance Company

Your insurance policy might include coverage for hit-and-run accidents. This is a form of underinsurance and can pay for your medical expenses and property damage. Contact your insurance company to make a claim to recover your out-of-pocket costs.

Find the Driver

You can also take steps to find the driver. Check to see if there were any cameras in the area. They could have recorded the accident and provide proof that the other driver fled the scene.

Also, see if any of the eyewitnesses can identify the driver. This is most likely to happen if you were hit in a residential area.

Calling local body shops is also an option. Find out if a car that fits the description went in for bodywork or service.

The police can also help you find the driver. Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime in Texas, and the police will want to find the perpetrator.

Finally, consider hiring an attorney such as Steven C. Lee and Associates. His team will review the evidence while looking for further proof to identify the driver. Then, they can help you file a claim against that driver’s insurance company. The police will also likely file charges against the driver. These charges will be separate from the claim you will file.

Get Help If You’re a Victim of a Hit-and-run Accident

You likely feel overwhelmed as a result of the hit-and-run accident. It’s hard to handle everything yourself, so consider hiring an attorney. Steven C. Lee & Associates will gather evidence and look for the driver for you. If the driver is located, you can file a claim and begin the process of collecting damages. That will put you a step closer to getting the compensation you need for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.