How do you know if your Austin Truck Accident Settlement Amount is fair?

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How to Determine if your Austin Truck Accident Settlement is a Fair Amount?

If you have been injured in an Austin Truck Accident, you should consider hiring a qualified Truck Accident Lawyer to review your case.  Insurance Companies will initially offer you a very low offer to just settle the case. 

Unfortunately, that offer may fall well below what you should be compensated.  An experienced lawyer such as Steven C. Lee can assist you in determining the fair amount.

In cases involving commercial trucks or 18-wheelers, the extent of personal injuries can be very serious and long-term. 

Here are the primary factors to consider if your settlement offer is fair.

Medical Bills.

Does the settlement offer cover all your medical expenses, now and in the future.  Often times medical bills can run up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Be sure your settlement covers these expenses.  As well, if you have on-going medical care due to injuries suffered in the truck accident, these should be factored in to the overall settlement amount.

Lost Wages.

Does the settlement cover all of your lost wages that occurred due to injuries that kept you from working.  You will want to be sure that all lost wages are covered by the settlement offer amount.

Pain & Suffering.

Does the settlement offer compensate your for the physical and emotional pain you suffered due to the accident.  Think about the physical pain you suffered and the emotional stress you endured due to the accident.  Make sure that you feel properly compensated for the physical pain and emotional anguish caused by the negligent truck driver and trucking company.

There are many factors that go into determining a fair compensation in an Austin Truck Accident involving injuries.

Please consult with experienced Truck Accident Lawyer, Steven C. Lee & Associates.  512-236-1300  Email