What are the Common Causes of Austin Truck Accident Injuries

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Facts about Austin Truck Accident Injuries

Roughly 130,000 people suffered from truck accidents and injuries last year.

These injuries can be quite serious, causing not only injury but death. Injuries often occur to the neck, back, and head. If you’ve suffered from such an incident, it’s time to get help from truck accident lawyers.

In this guide, we’re here to tell you some of the most common causes of truck accident injuries. Therefore, if possible, you might be able to avoid them so that you stay safe on the road.

Keep reading to find out more.

Driving at Too High of a Speed

Keeping to the speed limit is always recommended for safety on the roads. But many truck drivers are under pressure to meet deliveries within a specific time frame. This can lead to them speeding and causing trucking accidents, especially at high impact which can lead to injuries.

When they’re speeding, you might not have enough time to get out of the way. It also means that the stopping distance for the truck gets increased. This makes it very difficult for road safety constructions such as rails or attenuators to keep you safe on impact.

Reports show that speeding led to 30% of deaths on the road, killing more than 11,000 people. This equates to 30 people’s lives taken per day due to speeding.

If you can prove that a truck was the cause of your being in a road accident, then you should contact a truck accident lawyer.

Driving Aggressively

As well as speeding, there are other means of aggressive driving that truckers undertake. These can include tailgating or not giving right of way when they’re supposed to. Cutting across traffic is also common on the highway and can lead to road accident injuries.

Road rage is a term meaning that a driver gets frustrated is another way in which truck drivers can cause accidents. This happens especially when they have to meet delivery targets and travel for long hours.

For your safety, it’s best to keep your distance or stay as close to the edge of the other side of the road when you witness aggressive driving. Don’t try to overtake when you notice such behavior.

If you see them moving into the middle of the road or across lanes, it’s time to keep your distance. That way, you can avoid a collision from occurring.

Harsh Weather and Road Conditions

Difficult driving conditions and weather that’s rough to drive in can also cause an accident. Rain, hail, sleet, or snow can cause truck drivers to move into your lane and hit your car by complete mistake. Unfortunately, this one is hard to avoid.

Fog can also make it hard to see the road ahead and cause truckers to lose control. This can even lead to a multi-vehicle collision and cause injuries to more than one party.

On occasion, not salting the road when there’s snow or ice can also be a cause for concern. It’s put there for a reason – to help keep driver’s tires on track and their ability to drive intact!

Granite can also help when it’s warm to improve driving control. So when it’s not put down, it can lead to poor driving that’s out of the control of the truck driver. Even if they’re driving at the correct speed, it can become easy to lose command of the road.

When adverse weather covers road signs, additional problems can become posed. This is where truck accident lawyers come to the rescue. At Steven C. Lee & Associates, we help with the following: medical fees with no hidden costs, and no charges if we win your case.

Driving While Tired

There’s no doubt about it – truck driving is a demanding job! Meeting deadlines, driving for long, and a lack of break time can lead to tiredness. When the driver’s tired, it’s much harder to maintain a proper standard of driving.

Not sleeping enough due to these conditions can lead to a lapse in awareness, concentration, and ability to function. The result is a reduction in reaction time which can prompt an accident that one could otherwise avoid.

There are stipulations put in place to ensure that truck drivers get adequate sleep, breaks, and time in between shifts, but they aren’t always adhered to. However, employers often don’t stick to these which can cause a huge problem for drivers.

Keeping drivers safe on the road is important for your own too. That’s why it’s always best to be cautious and keep a close eye on the road whilst driving.

Cargo Loading Incorrectly

If cargo isn’t loaded properly, it can end up tipping the truck. This can block the road and cause an unneeded collision. Loading cargo is down to the management of the driver. So, if they don’t take care whilst doing so, then this can be where the problem lies.

The truck driver and business will receive fault. So, remember that it’s never on you and you’re within your rights to get in touch with a lawyer.

If you’re injured due to improper loading, then you must recognize that the other party is in the wrong. This will stand behind you when you’re up against them in a law case and will help you with any due compensation. A lawyer will help by communicating with all relevant parties required to ensure damages get dealt with appropriately when it comes to costs for carelessness.

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

Laws and regulations get put in place to ensure that road users don’t drive under whilst taking any illegal substances or are over the alcohol limit. This is to ensure safety on the road, ensure that accidents are less likely to occur, and fewer deaths result.

In fact, in Texas, you must have a blood alcohol level below 0.08% concentration. Truck drivers are also advised not to drink at all whilst at work. It’s a crime to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs and one will pay a penalty for it.

In such cases where you’re hit by a trucker whilst drunk or high, you can take legal action against them. Ensuring you have all details of the case kept for your lawyer can go a long way in you winning the case at tri

Why Steven C. Lee & Associates Are the Truck Driving Lawyer for You

Our expert lawyers have won millions of dollars for cases practicing out of Austin, Texas, and surrounding areas. We’ve more than 30 years of experience in the business of helping clients win legal cases.

Unless we win, you’re not out of pocket – we won’t charge you a cent! We’ve received the following awards which display our professionalism and top-quality service:

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We’ve won thousands of cases over the years. Here’s how to get in contact with us if you’re involved in an accident with a truck driver.

Client testimonials on our website show that we’ve had huge victories when fighting law cases. In fact, for one motor vehicle accident, our client was awarded $875,000.

Our Process if You’ve Been Involved in an Accident With a Truck Driver

Never talk with the insurance company. With our experience, we’ll do it for you.

Attend the hospital always if you’ve been in an incident with a trucker. Whilst you might not feel injured that much, there could be internal wounds or injuries that need attending to. They could set in at any moment, so you should go to your doctor right away for an assessment.

We’ll give you a free review. Our first-time consultations come at no cost to you at all.

We work on contingency. This means unless you win, you won’t have to pay us. So, what have you got to lose?

Trucking Standards That Must Be Met

Trucking businesses have high levels of decrees that must be upheld. They must meet strict laws and stipulations. If they don’t, they could come under a high degree of negligence.

When an 18-wheeler truck causes accidents, it’s usually a result of not adhering to the regulations. Then, you’re in the right to contact a truck accident lawyer.

Get in Touch With Us for Help With Your Truck Accident Injuries

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Truck accidents can cause severe injuries and even death in some circumstances. That’s why it’s also best to be on the safe side when driving on the road so that you can ensure you’re not involved in a road accident collision and suffer from truck accident injuries.

Want help from an honest, trustworthy, and experienced lawyer if you’ve been involved in a collision with a truck? Our truck accident lawyers are here to help.

Contact us today and we’ll ensure you receive the full compensation that you’re due. It’s only fair to you after all you’ve been through.