What To Do If You’ve Been Hit By An 18-Wheeler in Austin

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If you’ve been hit by an 18-wheeler on involved in any Austin truck accident, the shock can be all-consuming. However, while you regain your wits, there are a few things you can’t afford to overlook. Here is a rundown of what to do if you have been hit by an 18-wheeler in Austin:

Step #1 – First, you will need to notify the police so that they can file a police report with APD, then notify your insurance company. Your insurance company can repair your vehicle, then go after the truck driver’s insurance company for reimbursement.

Step #2 – Next, even if you think you are okay it is imperative that you see a doctor. Seeing a doctor at the very least will get your condition properly documented, and this is important regardless of whether you are hurt. Also, avoid saying that you are okay, because injuries can emerge after a day or two.

Step #3 – Trucking companies are experienced in defending against claims for compensation, so the sooner you involve an attorney the better. For example, the trucking company could attempt to hide the driver’s logs or the contents of the truck’s “black box”. Consequently, contacting an experienced attorney to save such evidence is imperative.

Step #4 – Be sure not to give the trucking company a recorded statement. Despite your best efforts to not say something that could work against you, it is their job to find ways to minimize the damage done. Don’t become a victim of this common ploy.

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