Austin Distracted Driving Car Accidents

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Distracted Driving – A Leading Cause of Austin Car Accidents

Austin, Texas, is a hands-free city, meaning that you can’t operate handheld devices while you’re driving. The law was put in place to limit distracted driving, but sadly, it’s still a problem in the city. Get the details on distracted driving car accidents in Austin. If you’ve been in such an accident, contact an attorney to see if you’re eligible for compensation.

What is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving refers to any activity that causes you to take your eyes off the road. While distracted driving often occurs when people use handheld devices, that’s not the only thing that distracts motorists. Talking on a hands-free device can distract drivers, as can changing radio stations, getting driving directions, talking to others in the car, and more. When distracted driving leads to an accident, the distracted driver is liable for damages.

How Dangerous is Distracted Driving?

If you’re driving 55 mph, you’ll travel the length of a football field in five seconds. Changing the radio station and other tasks can take five seconds or longer, which is why distracted driving is so dangerous. Distracted drivers can accidentally change lanes or power down the road with abandon, causing accidents. Because they are distracted, they often don’t even slow down before impact. That means that injuries from distracted driving accidents can be severe and even fatal.

Investigating Distracted Driving Accidents

Most drivers won’t admit that they were distracted at the time of the accident. Fortunately, your Austin car accident attorney, Steven C. Lee & Associates  can investigate the case to find out if the driver was distracted. Proving the other driver was distracted will help you build your case and collect damages.

Steven C. Lee will interview witnesses and look for video evidence. His team might also subpoena the other driver’s cell phone records which will show if the driver was using the phone at the time of the accident.

Damages for Distracted Driving Accidents

There is not a set amount of damages you can collect from the distracted driver’s insurance company; instead, it’s based on your injuries, property damage, and other factors. If you were injured, you could likely collect damages to pay for your past and future medical bills and lost wages due to the accident. If your car was damaged, you could also collect compensation to pay for the repairs.

Along with physical ailments, you might suffer an emotional toll from the accident. Steven C. Lee & Associates will also fight to help you get damages for pain and suffering and more. The money can help you as you recover from the accident and remove financial stress so you can focus on healing physically and emotionally.

Seek Legal Counsel After a Car Accident

The other driver’s insurance company might deny your claim or try to settle the case for less than you deserve. You can protect your interests by hiring  Austin car accident attorney Steven C. Lee.  Steven C. Lee will fully investigate the case and fight to help you collect all the money you deserve.