Austin Texas Bike Accident Statistics

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Facts about Austin Bicycling Accidents

Biking is a popular activity in Austin and the rest of Texas. While many Texans ride bikes without any issues, others are involved in accidents with motor vehicles. Cyclists are vulnerable in these accidents and often suffer severe injuries. Go over some essential statistics about cycling accidents in Texas, so you will understand how serious this issue is. Also, call an Austin, TX, bicycle accident attorney if you suffered injuries resulting from a cycling accident.

Number of Biking Accidents in Texas

Biking accidents are becoming increasingly common in Texas. Motorists and cyclists were involved in 16,807 accidents between 2010-2016, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. These accidents had a high injury rate, with 9,769 people reporting physical trauma of some kind. Unfortunately, there were also 362 fatalities during that period. This is on par with the national trend of rising bicycle deaths, with cases up 36 percent since 2010. The roads are becoming increasingly dangerous for cyclists, as significant injuries and fatalities are more common.

Most Dangerous Counties for Cyclists

Travis County is one of the most dangerous counties for cyclists. Cyclists in Travis county were involved in 1,985 accidents between 2010-2016. There were also 16 fatalities during that time. Harris is the only county in Texas with more accidents. Bexar, Harris, Hidalgo, Dallas, and Tarrant Counties did report more fatalities than Travis. Considering there are 254 counties in Texas, it’s startling to see that Travis County is in the top two for accidents and the top six for fatalities.

Locations of Austin Bike Accidents

Accidents take place on various types of roads in Austin and the rest of Texas. While all accidents are dangerous, location plays a significant role in the outcome. Two-thirds of the cycling accidents that lead to injuries take place on city streets. However, 33 percent of fatalities happen on highways. This is because of the higher speed that motorists travel when driving on highways.

Helmets Save Lives

While you can still suffer injuries when wearing a helmet, it can save your life. In 2016, 65 cyclists lost their lives in accidents. Fifty-three of those cyclists weren’t wearing helmets. The previous year, 44 of the 52 people who died did not have helmets on. Always put on a helmet before you ride a bicycle in Austin or anywhere else. It could be a matter of life or death.

Steps to Take If You’re in an Austin Biking Accident

If you have been involved in a bicycle accident, call 911 and seek medical attention. Biking accidents often cause catastrophic injuries. Getting medical attention should be a priority. If possible, you should also gather evidence at the scene you can use to prove your case.

Contact Austin bike accident attorney such as Steven C. Lee & Associates is critical. Steven C. Lee & Associates will negotiate with the at-fault driver’s insurance company or take the case to trial, if necessary. Either way, the Steven C. Lee & Associates will focus on collecting damages you can use to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and related expenses.